The Birthday Hat! Right click to download, or click to download the .psd!



Flat Jimmy!  Download, print and take Flat Jimmy with you wherever you go!  (Make sure to take a pic and post it on the Flat Jimmy Facebook page!

During negotiations with Hallmark Corp., the Month of James Committee reached an impasse, so, instead, we offer the not new and not improved 2011 MoJ Card as a free download (that’s a savings of $19.67)! Simply right click and save to your computer. Then, print as many as you wish. Imagine the happiness your friends will feel when they learn you remembered them during this important month!


Are you a Friend of James? Have you been looking for a way to show your friendship? Well, look no further! Logos, animations and overlays are now available for your downloading pleasure! You can right click and save each image, or you can click on each image to download the .psd file.



FriendsFriends of James Logo

FriendsFoJLogo copy

FriendsFriends of James glow Logo copy

FriendsFoJ glow Logo copy

Friend of James ani

Friend of James foj ani