Big Buzz 02-03-11

The Magic Valley’s first mime interview (mime-terview?), you won’t believe the most commonly asked and dumbest question asked of flight attendants, last night’s oddest and most unreal American Idol moment, the worst way to use bolt cutters and where we would live if we could pick any TV show set.

Big Buzz 02-01-11

The worst babysitter stories (including the one that locked him in the closet), what we spend $714 million dollars on every year, something that so offended a guy he had to look at it three times and we bust some major Super Bowl myths.

Big Buzz 01-31-11

The crack head spider, how I was caught naked on video this morning and the coolest chicken hating old lady ever!

Big Buzz 01-27-11

The absolute funniest cotton ball joke of all time…our weird phobias…the worst singing wasn’t by the contestants on last night’s Idol…Wal Mart is selling WHAT to our kids?…the teacher that wants to be Jack Black and another edition of, “When Parents Text!”

Big Buzz 01-26-11

The great tapered jean debate, get your popcorn off my floor, our corniest jokes, we shorten the State of the Union to about 25 seconds, pickle juice and more!

Big buzz 01-25-11

Reaction to The Oprah’s “BIG” news, the part of American women that are getting outta hand big, the cutest 4 year old Packer fan turned Bears fan ever, the movie you DON’T want to see win an Oscar, the celebrity you would like discover is your long lost relative and more! Hear it all on today‚Äôs Best of the Big Buzz Morning Show podcast!

Big Buzz 01-24-11

The strangest diets ever (diarrhea diet? really?), James’ best “You said WHAT?” story, what you have in your fridge taht’s two years old, a tribute to the ‘Hump Fest” that was Sunday’s Steeler’s game, a listener sings his own version of Fox’s NFL theme music, the dumbest man prostitute user on the planet and Brittany’s Hollywood Buzz!

Big Buzz 01-21-11

Awesome weigh-in video, a Brittany Busted video, cigarettes, booze, coffee, bad dates and more!

Big Buzz 01-20-11

What women in their 40′s will do for you, the Idol judge we wanna nix, the guy that loves Idol and the guy that hates Idol and Brittany and I have our minds BLOWN. Find out what blows us away in the podcast!

Big Buzz 01-19-11

Find out why Brittany is wearing the Chicken Hat for the rest of the week, hear just how out there George Lucas is, discover what teenagers won’t do for their parents, what Brittany and I would change our names to and another edition of When Parents Text!