Big Buzz 03-02-11

The James, Brittany and Charlie Sheen Interview (I’m calling it the Sheenterview), the cutest laughing baby ever (see video below) and why Brittany wants to dance on the Costco roof!

Big Buzz 03-01-11

This morning we aired a new feature…the latest freaky things said by Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi (yes, we’re making fun of him), Brittany’s boyfriend headed over to I-Hop for free pancakes and his waitress helped us with The Big Buzz On Air Pancake Spelling Bee, and our new Charlie Jamm (like Jock Jam, only less jocky and more Charlie-y)!

Big Buzz 02-25 and 02-28-11

Russ from Starbucks and his Oscar Coffee Picks, the best thing about the Oscars, we play Charley Sheen or Charles Manson and the bear I met Saturday night!

Big Buzz 02-17-11

Proof that smoking kills your sex drive, why our listeners family won’t play any games or even talk to her (it has to do with her phone), the station wagon is dead, too many bad jokes to count and the talking goldfish!

Big Buzz 02-16-11

The story of the bear and the soda bottle, the fat lady and the rock and how 2 1/2 Men was funny for the first time (and ripped Charlie Sheen at the same time), what 9 items a man kept in his butt in prison (not a dirty story, dirty bird!) and Coke’s Secret Recipe!

Big Buzz 02-15-11

Brittany’s “I was in lockup” story, we try to help the love-less and the ‘I want to look up her skirt” guy, we get kinda serious with America’s celebration of failure and the all new Gibberish News Network!

Big Buzz 02-10-11

Brittany’s teeth are like what? The thing James thought he’d never hear. The worst word in the English language (as proved by a Big Buzz Poll) and what NOT to throw at women in t-shirts.

Big Buzz 02-08-11

My GD Putty Tat neighbor, Brittany’s Apple Man, the nickname you hate, the National Anthem School of Singing and chocolate is better for you than fruit!

Big Buzz 02-07-11

The best and worst of the Super Bowl, the latest entertainment news and another edition of “When Parents Text!”

Big Buzz 02-04-11

The weigh in (she lost I gained!), Brittany’s mom almost died, cats can’t talk, betting on Super Bowl arrests, Randy Jackson gets chased, the old guy that sounds like the Bed Intruder Guy and more!