Big Buzz 03-23-11

Jennifer Miller, local teacher and stage superstar, filled in for Brittany today. Check out her power of interpretation when we do a Moment of Clarity on Avril Lavigne’s new song, What the Hell, our thoughts on the passing of screen legend Elizabeth Taylor and the sugar factory!

Big Buzz 03-21-11

Brittany has today – Wednesday off, so my nephew Jim filled in and offered up his almost fool proof way to pick March Madness winners, his love of Joey Lawrence and Rebecca Black!

Big Buzz 03-17-11

The St Panties Day Tri-Bond game, the Green Game and Twisted Leprechaun Titles! Also, James sings the best St Patrick’s Day Song ever!

Big Buzz 03-16-11

Idiots defending idiots, the strangest thing your keys unlock (and James hits on one guy’s mom!), the March Madness teams in under 60 seconds and the woman that’s suing a pre-school for teaching her kid shapes and colors!

Big Buzz 03-15-11

The Bachelor is done for another season…hear what we think about it AND what happens when my former co-host Tracy gets on the phone to talk about it! Also, the worst song…ever and what one movie prop people believe is real!

Big Buzz 03-14-11

The Blind Date Report, the earthquake that erased time and Brittany’s blonde blonde blonde moment! Also, some great pics from “the date” and the ugliest tattoo ever.

Big Buzz 03-11-11

The weigh in (some good news for James!), the real reason women shouldn’t wear regular bra’s while working out, James and his “Blind Date” problem, Idol Chatter and Brittany teaches James how to speak like Charlie Sheen!

Photo Awesomeness!!!

Sexy trolls? WHAT?

Big Buzz 03-08-11

The hiccup newscast, Brittany’s Dollar Store Birthday, trying to give away Madi Gras beads on Blue Lakes Avenue, what 43% of us don’t get, awesome pics from Brittany’s Birthday Day, when to get rid of the pacifier and more!

Big Buzz 03-03-11

The gas hater, the awesome-est vitamin C analogy ever, we play Tri-Bond and my nephew Jim (the counselor) has the absolute best theory about why Charlie Sheen has turned into the media dynamo he has/is…and Brittany tries to find out if he’s on the road to death!