OK, “weekend” isn’t accurate.

Friday and some Saturday is more accurate.

I could bore you with a story about my cold and how I have almost no voice and so, Saturday and Sunday I barely spoke at all, but instead…some pics.

Friday I was at Let’s Ride to holler and yell about their grand opening.  Seeing the sleds reminded me of a fine day I spent in the Fargo area.

11-13-10 310

A couple winters ago, we were invited on a snowmobile ride.  The weather was perfect, the bar stops were a hoot and, tragically, my friend Jim Daniels ruined his sled.   Well, not his sled.  He ruined the incredibly expensive sled he’d been given to ride.  Here’s Jim, pre-ride…


North Dakota is flat, flat, flat…and we were going all out, throttle open all the way!  It wasn’t going fast that ruined his sled, tho…it was going slow over the train tracks that snapped off the ski.  By the time he got back to home base, the news had been radio’d back and he got a rash of crap the size of the Grand Canyon.

The rest of us finished the ride and joined in the derision.  Then we went to a fine, small town establishment and had a few drinks, some chili and a lot of laughs.


Then, I saw this li’l number that I really want to take out for a test ride.

11-13-10 309

A few hours later I had checked into the Burley Inn, had a nap and then hit up Redder’s Showcase for a few hours.

11-13-10 312

I liked these hoses…

11-13-10 313

The next morning, I had breakfast at the Wayside Cafe, where I shared counter space with the condiments, the sugar, the Splenda, and more.

11-13-10 314

Then I noticed something that made me sad.

11-13-10 316

You see it, too?   Despite being a syrup, the apricot syrup is obviously ostracized by the maple and boysenberry syrups.  It must be a lonely life.

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