NEWSPEAK: Married is divorced?

When is someone not married? When they’re divorced…I think.

I Love Fish But I Love You More

The movers move too much…and just enough.


With IHOP commercials like this one from 1969, how did they stay in business?

Dolph Lundgren IS Elvis!

See one of the most amazing Dolph Lundgren videos ever…he sings and breaks stuff!

A Mouthfull of Bad Milk

What’s the oldest thing in my cupboard and did she really drink old milk?

Cheers! Where’s your arm?

You may know this picture from an old TV show.

Seatmates To Salt Lake City

She liked black eyed peas and he made me want to steal stuff.

Find Your Bliss

Real examples of how good life can be when you live your passion.

The Biggest Ripoffs

Are you paying a 6,500% markup? You may be!

What’d you get away with?

The things I got away with as a kid include killing Smurfs and almost killing someone with my dad’s car!