COMPLIMENT MAN – Love him or punch him?

Nick Bartosik is a 19 year old Southwestern Illinois College frehsman with some time on his hands.  What’s he do with his time?  he compliments people.

“Nice hat!”
“Love your piercing!”
“Awesome bag!”

According to this story, he says, “Some love it. Some don’t. The other day I had this guy cuss me out.  It’s exercise for me…Soul push ups.”

I like the idea of soul push ups…but I’m not sure how I feel about Compliment Man.  Would I find it irritating or would I like it?   I don’t much like being “greeted” at a store.  I want to walk in, do my business and get back out.  Having someone say, “HI!” when I walk in doesn’t make me like the experience … it doesn’t make me think they really care about me.  It makes me think corporate makes them do it.

What I do like is helpful sales staff that have answers to my questions and back off when I say, “No thanks, just looking.”  I’ve heard, “Are you sure?” and I think, “Am I sure?  What?  How would I not be sure I don’t need your help? ”

Anyway, that’s what ran thru my head when I watched this video.

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