Big Buzz 03-14-11

The Blind Date Report, the earthquake that erased time and Brittany’s blonde blonde blonde moment!  Hear it all on today’s Best of the Big Buzz Morning Show podcast! [audio:bbs/bbs-podcast031411.mp3]

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Brittany’s Brainbuster:

According to a new survey, 52% of women say they sometimes avoid having tickle fights because of…what? (They feel chubby!)

A few pics…

First, the sparkley fish mentioned in the podcast (found on a bar wall in Buhl, ID)…

031311 017

Then, the awesome table top shuffle board game!

031311 018

And finally, a New York City man got a Sheen-inspired tattoo that is anything but “winning”. In fact, it just might be the ugliest tattoo ever. In the history of ugly tats.


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