Big Buzz 03-08-11

The hiccup newscast, Brittany’s Dollar Store Birthday (she’s 23 today!), trying to give away Madi Gras beads on Blue Lakes Avenue, what 43% of us don’t get, a bed time bathroom saving invention, when to get rid of the pacifier and more! Hear it all on today‚Äôs Best of the Big Buzz Morning Show podcast! [audio:bbs/bbs-podcast030811.Mp3]

Click here to dowload and send to a friend as a tremendous Mardi Gras gift!

Brittany’s Brainbuster:

43% of Americans say they rarely or never get enough…what? (SLEEP!)

Some pics from Brittany’s Birthday Day!

A patterny Birthday Suit…


Close up of the special PD Birthday Socks


Festooned with the Dollar Store had and tinsel!


Another Dollar Store Gift…the Wow! (Note absence of “SHAM”)


Loaded down with Mardi Gras beads (just before she hit the street to give away said beads)!


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