Big Buzz 03-01-11

This morning we aired a new feature…the latest freaky things said by Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi (yes, we’re making fun of him), Brittany’s boyfriend headed over to I-Hop for free pancakes and his waitress helped us with The Big Buzz On Air Pancake Spelling Bee, and our new Charlie Jamm (like Jock Jam, only less jocky and more Charlie-y)! Hear it all on today’s Best of the Big Buzz Morning Show podcast! [audio:bbs/bbs-podcast030111.Mp3]

Here’s Brittany and her boyfriend, bonding over pancakes!


Click here to get all downloady on it’s butt!

Brittany’s Brainbuster:

James was a part of what 2008 World Record while he lived in Fargo?  (The most pancakes served in an 8 hour period… 34,818!)

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