Big Buzz 02-25 and 02-28-11

OK, so I’m going to try again.  Hoping everything is back to normal webwise and this’ll stick.

To get back to it, only two small files today.  The recorder I use to catch the show is wonky again (may have to return it) and most of both Friday and today is un-listenable.  Today’s is kinda rough, but I just had to post the “Charlie or Charles” contest (Sheen or Manson!!!).

Friday, we called Russ at the Starbucks up on Blue Lakes BLVD.  Word on the street is that he’s very good at picking Academy Award winners based on how each movie title relates to a Starbucks drink.  We had him do the Best Pic catagory…was he accurate?  Find out…


Download by right clicking here.

Today, we recapped the Oscars (basically, nice show, good hosts doing poorly written and dumb skits), Tim Hoopers most excellent thank you to his mother and WOW did Mila look nice!


Also, today, we played a new game.  If you’ve missed the Charlie Sheen Madness, you can catch up a bit here.  To sum it up, he’s been calling radio shows and saying some pretty extreme stuff about being cured in one hour, about how horrible it is to work on the set of 2 1/2 Men, how the show’s creator is all sorts of bad.  And now, there’s news that he’s going to sue CBS for canceling the show.

The recordings of the radio show stuff got me thinking how similar his voice style is to another well known Charlie.

Charles Manson.

So, this morning, we played Charlie or Charles? [audio:bbs/bbs-podcast022811.Mp3]

Download it here.

Finally…on Saturday I attended CSI’s current play.


I always sit close to the stage and when I looked up, I realized a bear was staring me in the eye!  yes…a BEAR!   Check it out…


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