Big Buzz 02-15-11

Brittany’s “I was in lockup” story, we try to help the love-less and the ‘I want to look up her skirt” guy, we get kinda serious with America’s celebration of failure and the all new Gibberish News Network!   Hear it all on today’s Best of the Big Buzz Morning Show podcast! [audio:bbs/bbs-podcast021511.Mp3]

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Brittany’s Brainbuster:

Yesterday, of all the women that received flowers, 23% of women did what? (They bought the flowers for themselves!)

The Missed Connections we did on the air…the third one is our favorite!

W4M (49) I am looking for a man named Doug oliver he is around 48-50. last seen in the 70 s he was in jr high west minico, in paul id went to church at emerson ward. had red hair, freckles and a very kind person. he lived with the king family i think if anyone knows the where abouts please let me know thank you.

W4M (25) You work at United metal and i took some cans over i had some kids with me and was driving a darago i was wondering if you were single or what your deal is i liked you thought you were cute. You told the guy that gave you the money i guess hes your dad that he gave me a dollor more then what he was suppost to give me. Text me at nine six one one four 0 two. I would like to get to know you.

M4W (29) I seen you in filer today, we crossed each others path a few times. I have to admit I wanted to look up your skirt. If you see this please email me back. Thank you.

M4W (27) “Incubus and Tacos” I’m certain you know exactly who you are. I’ve been missing you for several months and I wish you would contact me. It breaks my heart when you tell me that you cannot date and then I hear you have a different boyfriend. I still cannot stop dreaming of the night you actually stayed, it was the very best time of my life.

M4W (20) “Arctic Circle in Buhl” I come in for lunch all the time , you always smile at me, and today you gave me hersheys kisses :) , hopefully you or someone you know reads this, I think your hella cute and I’d love to go out sometime.

W4M (25) “Doug from Wendell or Rupert” This might be crazy, but I thought I would try. I met you at the 610 in Burley last Friday. You introduced yourself as Doug and said you just moved to the area from Wendell. I was completely taken by you but didn’t act upon it. I sang the last song of the night with you, Jonny Cash’s Ring of Fire. We didn’t do so great…lol…but it was alot of fun. My name is Christie. If you come across this or anyone who might know a Doug who is really tall and dimples in his cheeks when he smiles, then let him know I am wanting to talk to him. So, please reply if you see this. I would like to know you. Thank you! Christie

M4M (24) “Waiter at Tse’s” You were always smiling as you served my table and you were very friendly. I was the 6’1 blond hair guy sitting with my bff checking you out. you seem really sweet and your very hot. I have came in twice now because your a great waiter look great and are very happy. Maybe we could go out and get waited on ourselves if you’d like

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