Big Buzz 11-03-10

Ever make salsa and forget to wear gloves (or wash your hands) and then rub your eye and then have uber burny eye?  Well, that happened to Brittany last night. She made some salsa and even tho she washed her hands, she adjusted a contact lens and WHAM!  The Burnination!

But wait…it gets worse (and we learn about the 5 year old that knows of The Burnination)! [audio:bbs/bbs-1103pepperpain.mp3]

It tuns out one of the reasons the Vikings waived Randy Moss is because of something he did at a team dinner on Friday.  Gus Tuniucci, the co-owner of Tunucci’s Restaurant explains with his awesome Minnesota accent and phrasing: [audio:bbs/bbs-1103mossrestaurantowner.mp3]

Tonight is Comedy Night at CSI’s Fine Arts Theater.  See Twin Falls native Heath Harmison and Ryan Wingfield.  The show starts at 7:3 and is free for CSI students ($5 for the general public).  Get your tickets at the door!  The both sat in on the show for a bit as we had our own li’l rountable (these guys are pretty funny): [audio:bbs/bbs-1103comedians.mp3]

Angela’s Awesome…trivia (coming soon…the new trivia name!):

The odds are 776 to 1 that this will happen to you once in your lifetime. What is it? (You’ll catch a ball at a Major League Baseball game!)

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