Big Buzz 10-22-10

If you like/love/remember the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, then you’ll probably dig this the most!

The Black Eyed Peas have released a new single called The Time (the Dirty Bit). It’s the first single off their next album, The Beginning, which hits stores on November 30th. The chorus borrows from the ’80s classic (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life, which was basically the Dirty Dancing theme song. (The original version was recorded by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.) But the Peas didn’t steal sample it, the performed it.  Check it out…

Tomorrow night it’s the Crisis Center of Magic Valley’s Halloween Event (at the Turf Club)!  Broc is DJ’in and I’m the auctioneer for what will be an huge good time.  Doors open at 6PM, it starts at 7PM…here, with a heartwarming success story from the Crisis Center, is my conversation with Matt and Patti: [audio:bbs/bbs-1022crisiscenterhalloweenterview.mp3]

Angela’s Awesome…trivia:

A recent poll of Americans showed that THIS was the most hated food in America! (Tofu!  Liver was #2 and Yogurt was #3)

The Will It Melt Microwave Minute

Today, we tried a frog. I saw we because Mary (from CSI) helped out with the play-by-play!

First, the frog (in his first of many pre-micro action shots)


Then, Mary closed put it in the microwave and…did it melt? [audio:bbs/bbs-1022willitmeltfrogmary.mp3]


It didn’t melt (here’s Mary and the sturdy frog)!

mwim03 - frog after

And the inevitable, Frog Modeling Pics (what’s he doing on that copier?)

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