Big Buzz 10-21-10

Tuesday, I received an e-mail that just made my day!

Sierra Norman & Elena Coats, are entering their 4th year of collecting PBJ to feed hungry children in the Twin Falls community. Over the past 3 years they have collected and donated over 8,000 pound of PBJ!

PB and J for hungry kids?  Really?  It sounded cool, so to find out more, I met up with Sierra and Elna at the O’Leary Middle School.  They’re two fantastic students: [audio:bbs/bbs-1021pbjsierraelena.mp3]

Today’s Will It Melt Microwave Minute featured Devil Horns (whoops…make that Glitter Devil Horns)!


Once again, the back of the package made me laugh…continuous improvements?  Really?


And, once again, I felt a need to model the things…

Then I put it in the microwave, with one minute on the clock.  Brian was our contestant, and had to guess ahead of time if it would melt or not. [audio:bbs/bbs-1021willitmeltdevilhorns.mp3]


Not only didn’t it melt…but it barely sustained any obvious damage. Sorry Brian.

The horns before:


The horns after:


Tomorrow, I think it’s going to be a Smurf!


Angela’s Awesome…trivia:

Experts say we should change these every two years, but most of us don’t. What are they? (Pillows.)

Today’s question became, “OK, so you should get rid of your old pillows…what, of your sweetie pie’s, do you want to get rid of?” Laura, our winner, didn’t even hesitate. [audio:bbs/bbs-1021wanttothrowoutlaura.mp3]

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