I’m sitting in a recliner. Two tubes are running from my chest to what’s basically a big water softener for blood and back to my chest. Instead of rock salt, there’s a fancy-pants filter that takes the nasty stuff out of my blood and then sends the clean blood back in my body. They call [...]

Big Buzz 03-24-11

Brittany’s BACK! Our tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, including her most important role (it’s not what you think), what would you put on your headstone, sweet nerd revenge and a guaranteed way to get your kids to eat their veggies!

Christmas in Boise Photos

For Christmas, my nephew Jim and I hit up Boise.  Great food, three movies (Black Swan, True Grit and Tron 3D) and lots of walking and fun.  Here’s what we saw…


Cute pandas being taken care of by GIANT pandas!


The weekend was more exciting than I could ever have imagined…see pictures that tell you why!

Big Buzz 11-03-10

The Burnination, the 5 year old that loves hot sauce, the real reason Randy Moss isn’t with the Vikings and a couple comedians hang out for a round-table!


The pics from the epic Buzz Halloween Bash!

Big Buzz 10-22-10

The unmelted frog models, an heartwarming story of success from the Crisis Center of the Magic Valley, a hot new tune that will sound VERY familiar to you and the food we hate the most!

Big Buzz 10-21-10

The PBJ details, the Will It Melt Microwave Minute and what that one thing of your sweetie pie’s that you wanna toss out and I mean NOW!


This man is amazing…